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Hi Guys,


Game 91 is currently about 90% of the way to the initial start point so it's getting close! :ranting:


If you are interested in getting into a new game, but don't have your registration already in, now would be a good time to get it put together and submitted so I can get you on the list. Game 91 will be a normal game (14 day interval, normal start)


If you already have a registration in but need to make adjustments, just let me know.


Take care & good gaming!







Victory! News


There was interest in a special team game - a US vs World concept - but it looks like there just isn't enough interest at the moment for that one so we are going to put it on hold and concentrate on getting Game 91 going. The team game is an interesting idea and I think it would be a fun one so we'll try again when we see a little more interest in it.


The Victory! II development project is continuing but very slowly. We've opted for a more complete redesign - adding new features & ideas (improved retreating, new missions, units, etc.) and reviewing every aspect of the game for change/improvement rather than just keeping change to a minimum and recoding the game to work on modern hardware. Our goal is a Victory! II that is better than the original in every way and that will last just as long :woohoo: We've made some substantive progress but this is a complex game and there is a lot of detailed design & code work involved (and remaining) so it'll be some time yet.


In the meantime, we'll continue to set up games of original Victory! which remains a good game and a lot of fun! If you are a Victory! fan please don't hold off waiting for Victory! II just yet - it will be quite some time and the current games of Victory! help fund the development of Victory II. When we are far enough along to see the light at the end of the tunnel we'll both know it (i.e. reports about how code testing is going, reviews and discussions of what will be the final rulebook, unit mixes, game balance issues, etc.) then we'll hold up new game starts and prepare for the Victory! II rollout.

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