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Game 96 Starting


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The Game 96 setup results went out just a little while ago so those of you in the game should have them now or very soon :cheers:


The first turn is eligible on December 20th but note that I normally backdate all first turns to Day 1 of the TP 1 turn cycle since the production multiple doesn't go into effect until TP 2. So if you need a little extra time on the first turn that is ok, you can get it in anytime during TP 1 and still have it processed for Day 1 of the cycle. Remember that Game 96 is a 14-day interval game (affects production multiple calculations on later turns).


Game 96 is a special no-Total Alliance game so remember that you will not be able to make any TA agreements in this one. Non-Aggression Pacts and Alliances are available as usual. Game 96 also starts with double national morale but due to the way I need to make that adjustment on this end you won't see it on your setup result. You will see the +150 morale on your first turn though so no worries.


As always, check your privacy option, contact info (for RNA orders) and tech selection on your result and let me know if there are any changes that need to be made before the first turns start to process. Tech option changes, in particular, need to be done before any turns process or you will have to live with the current option.



The game is now full :thumbsup: Best of luck to everyone!



It is possible that one or more additional nations may become available if we get some early drops and/or position exchanges. If so I'll post a note here to see if we can fill them with active players. Once a game has reached TP 3 the nations are set and the only way to get into the game is via a position transfer. There are no Total Allies in this game so being nominated to take over for a dropped TA won't be an option this time.


We are accepting registrations for Game 97 so if you are interested in the next regular game just let me know and I'll get you on this list. The regular game is about 10% of the way to the initial start point so we have a few recruits already.


Take care & good gaming! :cheers:



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