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Game 100 **Important Note**


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Hi Guys,


I just had it brought to my attention that there was a typo in the text that goes out as part of the Victory! turn results emails. :oops:

The typo indicated that April 14th was the last day to change tech and that is incorrect. Tech changes have to be done before turns start to process for a game (March 10th) - they are locked in after turns do start.


I'm going to hold off the start of turn processing for Game 100 (90) for a couple days (process on the evening of the 14th) to give folks a little more time to make changes. A little delay with the first turn shouldn't be too bad and I'd rather do that than have somebody stuck with tech they didn't want because they thought they had until April 14th.


I'll send out an email to everyone in the game as well so a little delay and then we'll be off and running. :thumbsup:




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