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Game 93 Winners Declared


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:cheers: Congratulations to the victors of Game 93! :cheers:


Algeria - Ken Rozhon

Syria - Andy Brogan


Achieved an alliance victory with a final average score of 566 victory points!

2nd and 3rd place went to alliances with scores that were extremely close - rounding to 562 pts for both alliances :o With a little more math it worked out that 2nd place (with a score of 561.80) went to the alliance of Czechoslovakia, Germany, Iceland, Italy and Poland and 3rd place (with a score of 561.67) went to the alliance of Greece, Rumania and Southern Russia.

4th place went to Morocco and Trans-Jordan with an alliance score of 536. Morocco and Trans-Jordan were, in-game, part of an alliance with Algeria and Syria but unfortunately they finished the game with an extra TA (Spain) that was inactive and that brought down their score. Otherwise they would have been part of the winning alliance at 566 pts.


The Hall of Victory! has been updated with the stats from Game 93 so check them out :thumbsup:






PS - I know I've fallen far behind on the game ending stuff. My apologies and I'll be working to catch up on the backlog as fast as I can.

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