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Hi Guys,

The turn fees in Victory! haven't changed in at least 20 years (our current accounting program was done in Summer of 1998 and back then Victory! turns were still $6.00 a turnsheet (30 orders).    We've done our best over the years to keep the price the same, reducing expenses where we could, etc. but there always expenses that you can't avoid that creep up with time and paychecks can only soak up so much before it becomes a problem.

Accordingly we are instituting a small price increase for Victory!, effective immediately, as follows:

$6.25 / turnsheet (30 orders), $ 0.20/page for postal results, $6.00 new game setup

It's not a major increase or change so I don't think it will affect most of you too much and I hope you understand our position and the fact that we've kept fees the same for as long as we did.   I know that Victory! service has suffered some this year with the personal problems I've been facing and that an HOV update is long overdue.   I'll be trying to get back on track with both in the coming months and I do apologize, especially for the HOV issue.   Honestly I've been doing the best I can but I've had a lot on my plate and, over the last few months, life has really doubled down and shoved even more onto it :blink:   Doing what I can to dig out ;)

Thank you for your continued patronage - some of you have been gaming with us for a very long time :).   This change will catch us up some on expenses and let us continue to provide Victory! - I don't know if I'll survive another 20+ years of PBM but I'll do what I can ;)




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