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Hi Guys,

The email turn fees in SuperNova have been the same $6.00/40 orders (postal turns were $8.00/40) since the game was released (it'll be 16 years this coming September).  We've done our best over the years to keep the price the same, reducing expenses where we could, etc. but there always expenses that you can't avoid that creep up with time and paychecks can only soak up so much before it becomes a problem.   About 4 years ago we increased postal turns to $9.00/40 and that increase was pretty much one for the US postal service which raises its rates on a fairly regular basis.   This time we are going to institute a small across the board increase to catch us back up and allows us to continue for the foreseeable future.

Accordingly we are instituting a small price increase for SuperNova, effective immediately, as follows:

$6.25 / email turnsheet (40 orders), $9.50 / postal turnsheet (40 orders), $15.00 new empire setup

It's not a major increase or change (4-5%) so I don't think it will affect most of you too much and I hope you understand our position and the fact that we've done our best to keep fees down for as long as we have. 

Thank you for your continued patronage - many of you have been in SuperNova since the beginning :) This change will catch us up some on expenses and let us continue to provide SuperNova for many more years to come.


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