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Lists for LC (Load Cargo) and OC (Offload Cargo) have been
added. During execution of an LC, ALL order, if an item is found in the Load
Cargo exclusion list, that item will not load. It is skipped as if it was
not present in the population group. The same is true for OC, ALL orders -
items in Fleet Cargo will be skipped if they are encountered during an OC,
ALL order and are listed in your OC exclusion list. To add items to your LC
exclusion list, issue an LC order with the special keyword GLOBAL EXCLUDE as
the first item. Example: 'LC, 12345, 25, GLOBAL EXCLUDE, EXCLUDE, Processed
Radioactives, EXCLUDE, Light Beam Laser, EXCLUDE ' would add Processed Radioactives and
Light Beam Laser to your LC exclude list. This order acts like a toggle, so
if either or both of those items happened to be on your LC exclude list
already, they would be removed. 'OC, 12345, 501, GLOBAL EXCLUDE, EXCLUDE, Fuel,
EXCLUDE, Light Drone, EXCLUDE, Interceptor, EXCLUDE ' would add Fuel, Light Drone and
Interceptor to your OC exclude list (or remove them if already on that list). These
lists are only checked when an LC, ALL or OC, ALL order is encountered. It is also checked if
you happen to enter an LC, ALL NO FUEL or OC, ALL NO FUEL order. The population group and
fleet #'s entered in these GLOBAL EXCLUDE LC and OC orders do not matter,
because these are global lists used for your entire empire. You can still
use the ALL NO FUEL option if you like, but this system sort of replaces it
- you could simply add Fuel to your LC exclude list.

For example, my current LC exclusions are:-
** Imperial Cargomaster Report: Global Exclusions **
LC (Load Cargo) ... Colony Beacon ... Construction Materials ... Imperial
Flag ... Improved Textiles ... Processed
Radioactives ... Textiles ...

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