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Game 103 Starting


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:cheers: The Game 103 setup results have gone out so those of you in the game should have them now :cheers:

The first turn is eligible on January 19th but note that I normally backdate all first turns to Day 1 of the first turn cycle since the production multiple doesn't go into effect until the second turn cycle. So, if you need a little extra time on the first turn that's ok, you can get in a little late and still have your turn processed with a Day 1 processing date. Remember that Game 103is a 14-day interval game (affects production multiple calculations for later turns).


:nuke: Note that Game 103 will show, for technical reasons, as a Game 93 setup. This is not an error. The game will be recorded as Game 103 when all is said and done but during play, for all practical reasons, it is Game 93. Use Game 93 for order entry, etc. This workaround was the best solution to keep the processing programs happy, etc.


:taz: Important Note: Check your privacy option and contact info (for RNA purposes) on your results and let me know if there are any changes that need to be made before the first turns start to process. Also check your tech selection and make sure it is correct - I can change it before the game starts but once turns start to process that's the end of tech changes.


Game 103 has the following position still available:




It is possible that one or more additional nations may become available if we get some early drops and/or position exchanges. If so I'll post a note here to see if we can fill them with active players. Once a game has reached tech period 3 the nations are set and the only way to get into that game is via a position transfer or by being nominated to take over for a Total Ally that has dropped for some reason.


We will be accepting registrations for Game 104 beginning at 9 AM (my time zone so MST or GMT-7) on January 8th. Game 104 will be a first come, first serve setup as well so I want to give folks the weekend to think it over before opening up the registration process. Once things start on Tuesday I'll go by date stamp on email so if you are interested in a particular nation get your registration request email in as close to 9 AM (my time zone so MST or GMT-7) on the 8th that you can.  Note that early submissions don't count so wait for the start time so that everybody has a fair chance.


Best of luck to everyone!! :beer:



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Nation availability update
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