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Question - If I do a strike recon ground do I need to include the city as well to reckon it?



srg: .....warsaw, xwarsaw,lodz, xlodz, poznan, xpoznan?


or can i leave out the cities, and still record any army presence in the cities?




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Actually the "Strike Recon" mission is a bit more limited than is readily apparent. The only city that it will 'look' into is the last city on the route so you actually just look over a number of provinces then the city at the end (It's been a while but at the time I believe this was more of a coding issue than anything else).


warsaw, lodz, xpoznan


is a more accurate example (which would cover the provinces of warsaw, lodz and poznan as well as the city of xPoznan at the end of the mission).


Also note that the 'strike recon' is not a 100% success mission and the ability of your recon force and the size of potential enemy targets will be a factor.


The fact that an OMA, TAS mission is the one mission that you can execute that will cancel (and not flag the force with a primary mission flag) if there is no viable target means that most conditional air strikes tend to be handled by issuing multiple TAS mission orders on the most likely (or threatening) enemy positions (i.e. one air force could be issued half a dozen TAS missions - it would execute the first one that had an enemy force at the target location). This limits the value of the strike recon mission (at least for ground units). The drawback is that a multiple TAS mission method will trigger on the first valid target that is found, regardless of force size, so the SRG mission is still valid for targeting forces of specific size (and it tends to be less order intensive as well).



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