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Game 71 Starting


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Hello all,


The wait for the special advance game is over and Game 71 is starting :alien:


First turn is on Oct 28th and the turn cycle interval for this one is 14 days. Game 71 begins on TP 25 so your first turn will be for TP 26. You'll have 25x the normal starting stockpiles in AIR, ARM, CP, FUEL, MUN and GEN and your national treasury will start out at $250,000. You'll also start with at least 5,000 SHIP.


All game mechanics are the same but with the advance start the normal two turn cycles of peace are gone so you can expect just about anything right from the start (Note: Starting units are unchanged so folks won't have any offensive units to work with on their first turns so you don't have to worry about that but expect combat to begin as early as your second turn instead of the normal third turn). Everybody is starting out with large stockpiles of material so expect to see forces get built up rapidly in the early going. NTS levels will limit the rate of buildup but folks will have a lot of ARM, AIR and SHIP to work with so plan accordingly.


There are a number of open nations currently (I expect most to be gone by the first turn) so if you are not currently in Game 71 or have a friend that would like to jump in at the last minute - let me know. Nations are going on a first come-first serve basis so email me asap if interested.


Best of luck to all - should be interesting :woohoo:



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