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Game 94 Winners Declared


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:cheers: Congratulations to the victors of Game 94! :cheers:


Baltic States - Sander Anneveldt

Central Russia - Peter Schmitter

Finland - Marco Knubben

Northern Russia - Christian Schmitter

Southern Russia - Edwin Paulissen

Achieved an alliance victory with a final average score of 655 victory points!

2nd place went to United States with an average score of 568 victory points, 3rd place to Morocco with an average score of 531 victory points and 4th place to Tunisia & Egypt with average scores of 421 victory points.

:beer:Special congratulations as well to Edwin Paulissen who took over the #1 Best Nation spot for Southern Russia with an individual score of 672 victory points!

The Hall of Victory! has been updated with the stats from Game 94 so check them out :thumbsup:





PS - I'm hoping to get caught up on Hall of Victory! over the next few months.  I'll let Hall of Victory! stand with the Game 94 stats update for a couple months (before potentially knocking players off various lists with new game ending stats) then I'll see about getting the stats for Game 95 put together.

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