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How the heck does combat work

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Twice now I have gotten battles back where I had the odds on an opponet, and was doing a higher percent of damage, however I lost more arm points. I'll post one battle result below. I was the defender and the attacker had 0% due to odds and tactics, yet I lost almost 50% of a division. Please shed some light on this:


The attacker uses a deliberate assault against a mobile defense on the plains at odds of 0.41 to 1


The attacker's combat bonuses are +13% The defender's combat bonuses are +13%

The attacker's morale bonuses are +4% The defender's morale bonuses are +4%

The attacker's modified combat rating is 2955 factors The defender's modified combat rating is 7271 factors

The attacker's force morale is 24% The defender's force morale is 32%

The attacker's munitions consumption is 82 units The defender's munitions consumption is 145 units

The attacker inflicts a base damage of 0% per round The defender inflicts a base damage of 19% per round

The attacker inflicts +0% damage per round due to tactics The defender inflicts +1% damage per round due to tactics


Attacker's Divisions

4th Army (7 divisions)

Division Name Experience % Effective Division Name Experience % Effective

1st Motor Inf, MOTOR 39 Green (*) 54% / 33% 2nd Motor Inf, MOTOR 39 Green 51% / 31%

3rd Motor Inf, MOTOR 39 Green 58% / 31% 5th Motor Inf, MOTOR 39 Veteran 61% / 34%

6th Motor Inf, MOTOR 39 Line 57% / 34% 7th Motor Inf, MOTOR 39 Line 48% / 29%

8th Motor Inf, MOTOR 39 Green 61% / 37%


The attack was repulsed!


Defender's Divisions

2nd Army (11 divisions)

Division Name Experience % Effective Division Name Experience % Effective

5th Armored, BT-7 Green 94% / 90% 6th Armored, BT-7 Green 87% / 83%

7th Armored, BT-7 Green 94% / 90% 8th Armored, BT-7 Green 94% / 90%

9th Armored, BT-7 Green 94% / 90% 11th Armored, BT-7 Green 88% / 83%

12th Armored, BT-7 Line 94% / 90% 13th Armored, BT-7 Green 89% / 85%

14th Armored, BT-7 Line 90% / 86% 15th Armored, BT-7 Green 95% / 91%

16th Armored, BT-7 Line 89% / 85%



The symbol "*" means the unit gained an experience level due to this combat


Division Name Experience Firepower

Local Defense Bns. Green 150 / 138

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The combat results are correct.....


you ask how it says the attacker does 0% damage so how do I loss arm points then.


Russ, will clearify this but it goes like this :robot:


the odds that you would use on the chart would be attacker 1:2.46

Defender would be 2.46:1. We do not have a complete combat chart and we never will.


If you look at the two columns on either side of where 2.46:1 would be you have a range19%-26%. The battle report shows you the the percentage the first round will use based on the random number for that column. THe defender getting 19%.


Now do the same for te attacker at 1:2.46. the range would be 0%-6%. the random number indicated 0%.


I got the number based on 7271 divided by 2955 which is equal to 2.46 times to get the odds.


Combat lasted at least two rounds, every round a new random number is used for the column being used by both the attacker and defender. so the first round went attacker 0% and the defender 19%, the second round probably attacker 4% the defender 20-22%. I am not entirely sure about the defender percentage due to the fact 10% extra damage is inflicted due the motor 39 having a dsm of 1.1 whereas the bt-7 is a straight 1.0. so the attcker percentage is correct.



Like I said Russ will clearify this, :robot:


Especially if I am mistaken :thumbsup:


But after playing many games and trying to figure the combat system out. I would say it is really close to what happens. :robot:


PS. I would not feel that bad 50% of a division, better then losing your whole army where you actually inflict no damage whatsoever. :P


Good luck and good gaming


DezertCamel :robot:

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The random numbers are recomputed every round?  Wow that answers a lot.  Is that correct Russ?

Yes, the odds column for each side is calculated once but there are ten possible results for each combat round. The combat report will give you the base damage value which is always the minimum possible result for a given odds column.


Tactics can give a bonus or penalty to this damage %, DSM will modify it (up or down depending on the unit) and don't forget to take into account the spearhead unit which is considered to be at the forefront of the battle and takes an additional 50% (of the damage % from odds/tactics/dsm).


Battles continue until one side is completely wiped out or until one side breaks morale. If the attacker and defender break morale on the same combat round, the defender wins and the attacker is repulsed.


Leaders, unit experience, unit combat abilities (adjusted by effectiveness), training programs and terrain are factored into the initial calculation of combat odds.


Those are the basics :angry2:



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