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Game 107 Recruiting


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Hi Guys,

Game 107 will be the same as Games 100-106.  You can choose your nation when you register based on what is available – first come, first serve. Registrations have begun so some nations are already gone but you have your choice of what is currently available:

Game 107 registration began on March 16th.  If you have more than one choice let me know (in case the first one is gone by the time I get your email) and the faster you get your choice in the better.

Game is full :thumbsup:


I'll likely be starting the game sometime in February so it won't be long now.  If you have any tech/privacy changes let me know as soon as you can.   If there are any more early drops I'll post a note and we'll try to fill them on the fly


Best of luck to all!



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