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Game 108 Recruiting


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Hi Guys,

Game 108 will be the same as Games 100-107.  You can choose your nation when you register based on what is available – first come, first serve. Registrations have begun so some nations are already gone but you have your choice of what is currently available:

Game 108 registration began on March 24th.  If you have more than one choice let me know (in case the first one is gone by the time I get your email) and the faster you get your choice in the better.

Game 108 is starting now with first turn due on January 25th.  There is still one nation available so contact Pete asap if you are interested in jumping into the game.

Game is currently 100% full :thumbsup:

The following nations are available at the moment:

Game currently full.

Best of luck to all!



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