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british night fighters?

vaclov sobotka

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have a question regarding the beaufighter if, and the defiant II.

beaufighter (60 aircraft) has 12 smr 34 ata 324 def and 5 speed at tech 12.

defiant (60 aircraft) has 4 smr 14 ata 225 def and 5 speed at tech 19.

What advantage does the defiant have if any, only thing I noticed was the radar capacities. Is there a detection difference on these 2? If so, what is the difference and how would it formulate?

at 1st glance the lower tech NF seems to be far superior on all factors.

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First glance is pretty much correct in this case. The Beaufighter IF grades out as the superior night fighter over the Defiant II.


There are no hidden stats to consider here. The Defiant II is a less expensive unit but that is probably its only redeeming feature when compared to the Beaufighter IF.


Raid detection is pretty much a matter of raid size and raid spotting (i.e. each province the enemy force transits gives you a chance to spot it and once you spot it in one province it becomes easier to spot it in the next - HAA in the province btw will slightly improve this spotting chance).


Warning: The combat routines for night missions tend to be a little on the harsh side in Victory! so night missions are fairly uncommon (daytime tactical strikes tend to make up most of the missions you'll see). Accordingly, night fighters (which only operate at night) generally don't give you a very good return on your investment. There are instances where they can come in handy and/or surprise an enemy but...hesitate before building them in quantity unless you have very specific plans for them.




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