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When doing a strategic recon on a city it gives all sort of information.

It also gives information on any airbases.

The accuracy depends on the recon rating.


Sometimes, you just need to know if there is an airbase or not. Not really the size.

When a strategic recon missions reports on a city that there is 0 airbase levels in a city, does this mean there is really none?

I am wondering if with a low recon rating gives a factual answer if there is an airbase present. And that the actual size is dependend on the recon rating, not the presence of one.

many words, for probably a simple answer



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Hi Marc,


With a low recon rating, the results of a recon mission are not accurate. It is possible, I think, that your planes overlook an airbase in a city.


If there is a large airbase, the chances for this are low, but a small airbase can be overlooked easily.



If you want to know for sure if there is an airbase in a city, do a TBSA. In the battlereport it will state if there are airbases present.



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