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Late in the evening the Eyre Medium Colonial Transport conducted its WARP into the [CLASSIFIED] system. Commander Blackbeard sipped some aged scotch "borrowed" from the troves of a "liberated" GSL ship in the [CLASSIFIED] system.


All of a sudden all alarms started blaring. Battle stations was called. The lone 10cm autocannon was immediately manned by the best gunner and as the ship exited the WARP point it encountered 4 pathfinders.


Neither side opened fire and Commander Blackbeard immediately sent dispatches to command asking:


Alien Fleet Sighting : [CLASSIFIED][ G (Yellow) 4 II ] [single Star] - Warp Point # xxxxx

SHM The Sh-Lakk Mindsphere # 841 'A white Lamb on a fuscia background with the superimposed words: GSL - We are French'

105th Recon Group

4 FS Pathfinder (Fleet Scout - 12,000 tons)

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