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Does the VicEntry Program count the number of Orders entered or the number of orders used?


Or in other words, if the first order I write is an RN order that would take up two (2)order "slots" on a standard sheet, would the next order in the program be #2 or #3?


Okay, I'm poor ... so I don't want to write 30 Orders, which are actually 31 Orders, which costs me 60 Orders. <_<


Thanks in Advance

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The program lists the orders that you have entered




order 1


oma fc 10 med10 med 11


the next order would be 2


oma tas 11 xparis


if the Rn oder would take up two slots it will caount as two orders in the program.


So if the RN order is 1 then the next availabale order would be 3.


It is a pretty straight forward program.


It allows you to review your orders when you are done entering them.



DezertCamel :angry2:

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