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Our Queen has thus decreed: All who wish to trade with the Canthian Queendom will be allowed to do so. We are located in the Potsei system which can be reached from both the Mansie(157509) class E warp point and Maskala(93788) class D warp point systems.


Come one and all, to trade with us on our Homeworld, but bring your winter-wear, for we are a Winter Wonderland!


Homeworld specs. So you'll know what your attrition rate shall be: frozen rockball, chlorine atmosphere, 71 temp. Kelvin, 0 axial TiH, 4 gravity & Semi-liquid hydrogen ocean. We have excellent reproduction. Plus there are 14 other planets in our Potsei system you can create a colony on if your lifeform feels more comfortable with different conditions - so come and TRADE!


Keith Sauer




GM Note: Posted by request of Keith's father. Keith doesn't have easy internet access and emails will be going through his father so please take that into account.

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