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TAS damage by aircraft


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I have seen several airstrikes of aircraft against armygroups. My eye was caught by the amount of damage the Ju-88A-4 HDB does. When I compare the TAS ratings with the B-18A MB, the Ju does much more damage. I have looked to the distance to target for both aircraft. Taking this into account, both aircraft types should do about the same damage.


Is there a hidden parameter for the aircraft type? Do divebombers get a bonus against armygroups? Or do MBs receive a penalty for levelbombing?



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The Tactical Strike rating of the unit takes into account armament and other considerations so there are no hidden factors to consider.


The range to target formula is the other primary consideration.


Final Value = Base Value * (1.2 - (Range to Target / Max Range))




The Ju-88A-4 with a tactical strike base of 840 and a max range of 14 would have a tactical strike value of about 708 at range 5 [840 * (1.2 - (5/14))]


The B-18A with a tactical strike base of 660 and a max range of 10 would have a tactical strike value of 462 at range 5 [660 * (1.2 - (5/10))


The Ju-88A-4, based simply on tactical strike strength and range, will hit harder on a unit for unit basis. Experience, flak reduction, target DSM, etc. are additional factors to consider in any given battle as well.


The attack profile of the unit does factor in during a maritime strike where dive bombers enjoy greater accuracy than level bombers.



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Experience also factors in, right? Green units *maximum* is only 80% of listed values.

Correct - experience adjusts the value.


If you are using the base value off the TA Form for a given unit then you'll need to consider experience as well. If you are using the Force rating on your printout then the experience adjustment is already factored in.



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