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I never really played with fleets and naval forces. Now I will.


Anyone experienced with fleets? I have two basic questions:


+ When I look at the different tech sheets, there are so many numbers. What features of a ship is really relevant and how can I assess them? Assessing air craft is a lot easier, but I know where to look. With a ship I don't. Any help?


+ Suppose you would like to build an offensive fleet for combat?

What is decent?




Thanks for the help!

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Fleets in victory are really good for one of two things, moving troops and suppplies, or coastal bombardment for invasions. Besides that they are really expensive resource consuming wastes. Unless you live in America, Canada, Iceland, and the such.... THe only way to get to the Mainland.


I say this because if a fleet is ever attacked by a large landbased airforce, I mean just one group of 25. Will cause considerable damage, sinking many ships depending on the type, that includes battleships. Carrier air groups will not protect it well enough, One american aircraft carrier holds the power of one landbased airgroup. the british less.


As far as offensive missions, that depends on what you have in mind. But I look at the damage a ship can absorb, the type and amount of guns rate of fire , damage per shell and the ranges of the guns. then the torpedos, and so forth.


Larger is not always better, I would rather have two cl's then 1 ca or battleship. the amount of damage done in volume then by caliber seems to work out better.


But it all depends on the missiona nd the tactics used. But the overriding thing to remember is airpower will kill any navy no matter how big or how many ships. In one game me and a friend played and finished, we sank over 100 battleships, by airpower alone.


If you have to use navel fine, but just remember the cost and how easy they are to lose. :thumbsup:


This is just my experience, plus the worst place to have a navy is inside the med. No place to hide.


DezertCamel :woohoo:

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My thoughts exactly.


One solution for the airpower is a FC above the fleet, but these do not always succeed in stopping the airstrike.


Those cheap toyboats (PTs) can also be a problem against a fleet of transporters. Always defend you fleets with enough firepower to stop an attacking wave of PTs.


Also keep an eye out for you MUN supply. If you do a CB, your fleet will consume 10 rounds of MUN! This can have a large inpackt on your stocks. A few tenders in the fleet can do miracles. You have extra MUN bunkers, so you can fire longer. A fleet without MUN is a nice target for PTs.



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