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Vic! setup info


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Hi guys,



It has been a while since I played Vic! At least ten years I guess... Long, long time ago I had an Excel spreadsheet to plan my production, population, etc.


Several HD crashes later :D I no longer have this file so I need to build a new one. Since I also don't have access to my old turns I need input.


Can someone mail/post a setup of a random country? I don't need battle reports. Just an overview of provinces, pop, industries, etc.






Email: n.van.ooijen@xs4all.nl

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Hé Nico,



That's very decent of you.. just asking for the setups without the battle-reports. Oh yes, very decent indeed! :cheers:


Are you playing at this moment? Maybe we could trade the setup of your country for mine... :thumbsup:

What's the fun in giving you the setups? Trading is so much more fun.

I've got some nice setups to trade. But nothing comes for free in life :drunk: Not even the sun, with those eco taxes and all.


GIVING setups away would destroy a big part of the game. Now, why would anyone want to do that? :angry:





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Well, game 72 just started. I'm playing Norway and I'm quite happy with that country.


I allready received some setups and the Excel file is well on it's way. When it's finished I'll post it on the forum. I'll remove the country info so anyone can use it.


To everyone who sent me info: Thanks a lot! :)



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