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I've been getting requests for how to build x installation or get y tech. It seems many of the new players want to go up a path fast (and this makes sense).


In an economic sense it might not....


Take Imperial Medical Center - Cost 5000 Improved Pharma or 15,000 Rare Herbs or 150,000 Raw for 1. You need 5600 on your home world for maximum efficiency. 8-10 turns to build them all! Yikes.


Improved ICs... 500 Improced CM. You can build about 1500 a turn and still run an economy. Total needed for equality (1/3 of normal ICs) = 150,000 so 100 turns.


Same for Improved Strip etc...


Very expensive...


oh and if you are working on those what about the 2000+ MK II Fusions to turn your fleet from 2AP to 8AP. Expensive....

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