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What Tech for Greece?


What Tech would you chose for Greece?  

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After the succes of the poll about Denmarks Tech (even though it gave no conculsive answer, german tech got 1 vote more than british and american. the only thing that can be savely assumed is that russian Tech is not prefered by the people that did the poll), lets try one on Greece now.


Again confront this question like you are playing Greece and pick the tech that -you- would chose with the tactic -you- would play.



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100% sure: German tech.


You have some naval options. Important if you want to land in Turkey or North Africa. The Med is not an ocean so british or american tech are not needed. Since there is a link in Istanbul-something (?) you don't need lot's of freighters later on to get supplies and troops to Turkey.


Russian tech is also an option but limits your targets by not having any naval options. So we end up with the lovely SS Panzers and JU-88's. :taz:

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There seems to be some confusion about why I put the poll up, I'm not looking for advice. Its just for fun and simple curiosity. When choosing a tech for a country I usually go on my own experience and logic, not polls.


As to depending on tactic, thats why I added the bit about what people would chose personally for their personal tactic they'd chose for greece. Precisely to avoid people answering that it would depend on tactic. :taz:

Ofcourse it depends on tactic, but I assume that everybody can decide on a tactic they'd chose or would prefer to chose should they play Greece.

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Dunno, only been at war with Greece once before and that was with Bulgaria, using Russian Tech. It turned out to be a little unsatisfying war, I trashed him so badly he gave up in 3 turns. Its nice to add a bit of territory before the real serious battles start, but its hardly fun to take said territory that way. :thumbsup:


Northern Greece (thessaloniki, big starting city) is very vulnerable to Bulgaria.

In my case Greece had British Tech.

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The tech type does not matter much if you want a ground war.

a few Ak's are enough to operate the islands. :jawdrop:

Later in the game when bulgaria and yugo are conquered the islands can be missed. :ph34r:


Victory! is a game of strategy, but the location of friends, enemies and dropouts is also a very big factor in the game.


Playing Greece where Yugo, Bulgaria, Turkey and Rumania are TAed is a challenge.... :cheers:

Playing Greece with Yugo as TA and Bulgaria as only enemy will be an easy game.


so tech and nations and strategy are important but friends in the game is more important :beer:



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