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The Lostworlds is happy. :unsure: I have not yet gotten one industrial bonus and will not for many more turns. :) However, I love my colonizations bonuses. :unsure: I have one of the slowest research bonuses in the game but I love the neat exploration finds. I may not be able to build those high tech things but I sure have them. I have bumbed into at least one empire. I only have 60 leaders but I'm trying to make do. I sometimes have to wait a year to see my tech items come in. However, I love researching cool items like the-----


The ESP Doomcaster represents the pinnacle of the basic Deluder Mass Destruction Device line. Mass hallucinations of the most bizarre sort are caused in even the staunchest of enemy minds. Most individuals subjected to a Doomcaster experience the manifestation of their own deaths in their minds, and are unable to cope with the sheer terror that is induced as a result. Unless the enemy has some sort of defense against mental attack, the Doomcaster spells trouble and in a big way. Death is a merciful end to those affected, while survivors are often twisted and helpless for years to come.


Still dumb and happy.



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