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I've been trying to comprehend the standard force battle plans listed on my turn report. I'd just concluded the "formation" column was probably refering to the "mission class" you specify in the NUD order, and that this matched the "battle formation" in the Space Fleet section of the rules.


But then I noticed a discrepency that makes me wonder.


My turn report lists formations C, F, M, and W which I cannot match to the rules or the NUD order. The other 13 formation codes correspond but these 4 do not. Likewise the rules and the NUD order (from my SN turn entry program drop down) lists formations G, K, P and T which are not listed in the standard battle plans on my turn.


Is this a mistake or am I just mis-understanding how these damn things are supposed to work?

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The G, K, P and T version is correct - the other is an older formations version creeping in. We thought we had that corrected a while back but found some code that didn't get included.


Report all the details directly to Pete at Pete@rollingthunder.com so he can follow up on it.





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