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Hello All,


I have read the "letter to our players" post of Russ.

And was shocked to read that there are people that hink the flok from RTG take sides, sell information, etc., etc.


I play with RTG for 4 years and I think this is the best play by (e)mail gaming company that I have played with. I have played with 6 PBeM gamecompanies and with 5 of them I have had the problem of bad service, emails gone unanswered and problems with turns. Rolling Thunder Games answers all my emails, sends game turns back on time and they try to make their games bugfree.


I say LONG LIVE RTG and keep up the good work!! B)


Edwin (Germany62, Spain63, Canada64, South65, Persia69 and Persia70)



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I've been playing PBM's for just under 20 years now and can honestly say RTG has done a fantastic job!


Being a programmer myself, I understand the concept of being as Bug free as possible. What is better with RTG then the other companies I've played with is when a Bug has been identified they ask the players in the existing games how they belief it should be fixed. They understand fixing a bug in active games will change the game play itself. How much more reasonable can you ask RTG to be?


Being very familiar with customer service work there are all kinds of people to deal with. Some customers are very nice and understanding while others can be very ugly and hostile. Frankly I can see no valid reason for getting hostile or ugly with anyone when trying to resolve an issue. I've dealt with Russ on a few occasions and have found him to be very professional and skilled.


I've said all this to make one point. Russ mentioned in the posting there has to be trust in the gaming company. Russ and Pete have my full trust!! Keep up the good work and thank you for your integrity!

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