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Galactic Senate BY-LAW PROPOSAL


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The following are considered by the Galactic Senate to be defined as legitimate justifications and provocations in GS BILL 061704-2-04


Attack by another empire


Ships of any empire that are within three systems of a HW, have been given warning that they have entered Empire space, have been requested to take action to avoid further incursion and have failed to act in the requested manner.


Declaration of a State of War by another empire against your empire.


Any empire that has been determined by a majority of the Senate to be a threat to the peace and tranquility of the Universe.


The capturing of legitimate prize during times of just war,


The confiscation of contraband or tariffs by customs and revenue authorities provided the collection of same is openly and conspicuously announced beforehand and the territorial scope of such collection is specifically and intelligably defined.


None of the above will be construed as to force a Galactic Senate member to attack an Empire. The option to attack remains the perogative of each Senate member.

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