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Declaration of Sovereignty to GS

The Boo Consulate

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The Boo have consistently demonstrated what we believe to be the most civilized and efficient manner of claiming sovereignty over a system. Today we take this effort one step further and declare, without ambiguity, that the following systems are ours. We claim no others. We may, at some point in the future add to this list, but for the forseeable future these are the systems we claim as sovereign:















You will note that we have not greedily claimed everything we have surveyed. As is and always has been our policy, we presume all space to be neutral unless and until it is overtly claimed by another. We regard the practice of firing first on unknown spacefarers to be an act of barbarism, especially when the fire is directed at us. Thus we shall continue to announce our intended warp destinations before they are made on all peaceful missions.


We invite explorers and traders. Kindly do not colonize our space without prior permission and refrain from warping into IDER without clearance as this will be deemed a de facto act of hostility.


In Peace,

The Boo Consulate

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