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One massive...As you saw from the player sups... when it was 5 pops, the first thing usually said was to dismantle the other 4 and make one.


Makes it alot ezier to know what is going on and the pop goes up fast.


Now... you will have multi pops but spread out on different world (assuming you do colonize) and you will find keeping track of who is doing what quite fun without haveing to worry about your home pop(s).

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Some people like to have 2 pop groups with transport center,




Put your mines in one of them


the other?


it has your cities, resorts,churches admin centers (that 1/100 stuff) and all the admin, diplo guys who like to go over to the other group and settle labor disputes and increase industrial output.


They (whoever they are) also like to be able to keep exploration stuff comming in from the explorers in a special pop group so it doesn't get caught in an all but orders for LC/OC.


I really don't know about this stuff. I just look arround and see what there is to look at.


Speaking of looking arround, lotta flashes in the sky and falling stars to look at lately. 'Course we dont't wanta see that stuff in your night, sky, but it is out there!

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When I started the game I was given 5 pop centers, like many of us (later startups were given 1 big one). Mainly because I'm stingy and had already setup ques in many of them I didn't spend the orders or the resources on the transportation centers to reorganize into 1 big mega-city. I've come to like the fact that I can specialize my production plans. I have one city making warships, one making colonization ships, one making support ships like cargo ships, one making land units, etc.


When I want to move stuff around I do LC/OC orders with cargo ships and that sometimes is a pain, but I haven't had to do too much of that.


I haven't really seen any big disadvantage to having the population split up.

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