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Speeding up and Slowing Down time.


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An idea for a tehcnology path. The ability to adjust rate at which time flows in a small contained area.


1st generation boosts your industrial output. (your factories and mines exist in accelerated time) and improves your ships weapons (your weapons fire at ultra high speeds). maybe even speeds up your sciences (no construction necessary just having the tech does it)


2nd generation increases the improvements


3rd generation helps with terraforming by making changes on worlds occur faster. the entire world is placed in a high speed bubble of time. a ship needs to be built for that purpose or maybe a facility needs to be built. a problem with this stunning technology is that some areas get changed faster than others leading to space/time rifts that can possibly cause the complete destruction of the world or something like that.


4th generation leads to a mass destruction device.


TimeWarpBombThing: mass destruction device that is risky to use due to its randomness. it affects the entire planet completely transforming everything about it. population, installations, mineral yields, and legendary characters. for an entire turn the world is unusable, produces nothing, and cannot be given orders. the world will range from having a considerably larger population (1/10 chance maybe or even 1/4?) to losing almost everyone to even sterilizing the planet (1/100 maybe?) industry is changed based on population. in rare cases there will be more installations (a population was able to function when under the affect of a space/time rift) but more likely facilities were damaged due to disrepair or strain caused by the mdd. metal yields will always decrease and organics (meat, frutis and vegetables, fibers, lumber) will more than likely increase assuming the world can still support life and an atmosphere change hasn't been too severe. yup that's right. the atmosphere can change too...


i'm thinking the primary resource for the building of these bombs should most definitely be ICE. but that's just my idea. *submits idea*

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