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I've seen some people say that you can use the SRP's on research up to 48 points. I'm not clear exactly what that means. Does it mean less than or equal to 48 RP's? Does it mean less than 48 RP's?


Also, are 48 point items the equivalent of MK IV items? Or 4th Gen xxx? Or is that higher tech, say Mk V items?




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It appears that you can research up to the '4th Level' of technological advance, or 4th Generation if you're happy with the limitations of the phrase.


However, 4th Level does not equate to Mk IV always, nor Type D, nor, for example, 4th Gen Species Engineering.


In very simple terms, if you have one of the items at the beginning, 1st Level, you should be able to buy 3 more levels up that particular tree, or branch.


For example, you can buy Mk II Nuc Engs, and then buy Mk III & Mk IV - or go Mk I Fusion and then Mk II. You can also buy all the things necessary and up to and including Mk IV JSS.


However, and purely as an example, you cannot buy 4th Gen Psychology.....


Chief Scientist to Ur-Lord Tedric

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