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Ok, I THINK I have everything all set on my turn.


What is the deadline for turns? I assume midnight, but just want to clarify...


I'm sure it's in the readme.txt file or something, but just in case I don't see it, do I email the file to supernova@rollingthunder.com??


I assume so, but if not, and if I can't find the info anywhere (doubtful), I want to ask this question with enough time so that I can get a response.





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Yes - turns are due by midnight tonight. the file you need to send will be in your Super Nova "Orders to RTG" folder, File Name SNROTE Orders 10-06-2004 (or whatever date you saved your orders.


c:\snrote\Orders to RTG\SNROTE Orders 10-06-2004


almost forgot, yes send to supernova@rollingthunder.com

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