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Calamari, anyone?


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Sorry there, Slish. All we saw was a Horrific scene of a Tentacled beast Devouring a Planet. Due to the crew being so green and the lack of adequate sensors on the Warning Shot class corvettes, the crew didn't realize that was just the emblem on the side of your ship. They thought it was the real thing and were trying to shoot the beast off of the defenseless planet. You might want to consider changing your emblem to avoid further confusion. Again, our appologies for the mishap. However, this area of space is not a safe place to be wondering around in univited. Access is limited to my total allies, hence the ROE of Yankee. Any intrusions into my territory will trigger a battle unless your ships can properly identify themselves as a total ally of Obsidian, Inc. And, btw, a ship dosen't have to be armed with a weapon to be dangerous or to be used for nefarious activities. Your 6 AP scout ship with 3 MK III Jump Survey Sensors can be potentially as dangerous as a war ship. Sorry, but for good reason it is the postion of Obsidain, Inc. not to allow these types of ships into our territory, especially those with such horrific scenes plastered across their hulls. If you so desire, you can contact Obsidian, Inc. via PM.

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