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Naval installations


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Ok, here's some questions about the different Naval installations that are available.


1) What difference will it make if I hold off building these facilities until they are actually needed?

2) Are the bonuses they offer to the overall Navy cumulative over time? Or are they a one time flat bonus that goes into effect fleetwide as soon as the installation is built?

3) What kind of bonuses do they provide? Do they improve the odds of recruiting Naval legendary characters? Do they provide combat bonuses?


Thanks again.

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The Naval Gunnery Range should help fleets that do LFE. LFE improves the moral and training of the crews, and the installation should accelerate that improvement.


Only one needed per star system that has fleets doing LFE.


All of the Imperial Army, Guards, and Marines installations help with ground forces. So I'm not sure what the Imperial Navy installations do. I just build one of each in every star system that I can and hope that it helps in some way.

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