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Lumeria, we have spotted several of your ships near the heart of our space. We welcome you with open wings and hope to have a fruitful future with your emipre. Although you are welcome to explore, we would appericate it if you would not enter any of the following systems: Fisk, Dixon, Kapyria, Castela. We thank you for your time and look forward to a strong alliance.


Also, AKO, we know you have also made contact with Lumeria. Seeing how we may also be near each other we also extend greetings to you. :cheers:



Lork Blackrazor

Shrike Empire

Postion #971

Email CLEernest@AOL.com

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Dear Lork Blackrazor,

This is good news indeed. We have initiated peacefull contact with Lumeria, and ofcourse we are very interested in a peacefull agreement and possibly trade with the Shrike empire.

I will send some more personal communications via private channels.

Kind regards, Kasame M'Bete

United Republic of Scanners

empire 54

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Greetings to All,


Please feel free to contact me at my new sub-space channel (tahman@sc.rr.com). The Lumerians are only interested in peace and mutual development. I welcome all contact for trade, mapping data, or general information. We are working at establishing borders with our friends the United Republic of Scanners, and hope to do so with the Shirke Empire.


May the Glory of Yamal be upon you all!


His Royal Highness,


King Letreades

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We welcom you to the space of the Shrike Empire. I have to adimt you suprized us with a near 270000 ton ship in the heart of our territory. We where starlted even more when we found that it appered thet you had been there for at least two turns. We where nervous the you had not yet made contact yet and immediatly began drawing up designs for our first war ships. We are relived to hear that you are friendly and we can now put those desgins on hold.


I assume you can though a one way warp point and we would gladly help you explore to find a route home, thus opening trade. However we would apperiacte it if you would stay out of the above listed systems. They are the very heart of our empire we would appericate thier contents to remain hidden, for security reasons of course.


Sorry about any typos you may encounter in my posts, feathers make it hard to type.

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