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Meeting the Tygen

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If you and your people come in peace, then we welcome open relationships. All we ask is that you honor our hunting grounds and do not take our prey.


You should know that we are in contact with The Collectors, who appear peaciful, if somewhat secretive. We know that they in turn appear to be in contact with a race known as 'Gjor'haan.' These seem... less than peaciful, from what little I've heard.


Perhaps this too is a reason to seek a peaciful relationship which fosters trade and mutual support?


You should tell us more about yourselves, perhaps in a more-secure channel of communication. We should start scouting acceptable worlds for trade-colonies.



Clan Eldress

The Gosht Kohr

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I, Gjor'haan, called as a disciple of Gjo'jaol, Darkness of Darkness, and Shor'ha, his servant; to The Gosht Kohr and The Collectors , to those that have been sanctified in Darkness, disciples by calling, with all who in every place call upon Gjo'jaol for strength, yield the following:


To respond to the submissive Ghost Kohr:


We encourage peace between all of those who seek Gjo'jaol for salvation.

We ignore those who are peripheral to the Great Divinity, who will have little or no bearing on the Final Hour.

We warn those and their allies who choose to stand against us.


Gjor'haan is the name of the Divine Prophet who is the conduit between Gjo'jaol and our people. We are Th'raa. The ancient slave race since freed from alien captors, and now we seek vengeance against those who oppose our God.


To The Collectors-


Woe to you, Collectors and allies, hypocrites! for you tithe your people with futile sacrifice, and have neglected Gjo'jaol, justice, mercy and faith; these you ought to have done, without neglecting the others. Indeed, under Gjo'jaol almost everything is purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness for you.


You will need much more than your current excuse of a command cruiser to win the Divine Favor of Gjo'jaol. The prophet Gjor'haan can only be usurped by great strength, and from one who has the Gift of Sight.


The Clan Eldress calls you secretive. We call you cowardly and unwise. Prophecy dictates you will continue with your current actions. This we call suicide. Even our most reverent worshippers have abandoned their prayers for you now.

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