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Certainly can't disagree with that.....


The one thing I would comment, however, is that the Race and Leader effects are a couple of areas where subjective descriptions would be fine....


Something along the lines of....


"The tactical superiority of Admiral Slartibartfast aided by the cunning of Lt Yin Yang, proved the decisive element in increasing the firepower of the fleet..."




"Even though you had 10x as many divisions in the battle as the attackers, you lost because they were 50x the size and their merest touch induced death..."


We agree with the Ur-Lord (and have moved it to forum because it might not be a rule).


We would like quotes such as ""Admiral Julius Ceasar realizing that he is outclassed in both ships and leadership decides that his empires random attack against the Go'uald was in error and so self destructs the flagship"


All hail Lord Ra

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