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Matthew Blair

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I don't think its as certain as that. Maneuverablity is a counter to drones, fighters and missiles. Have you noticed his 5.00 rating? Of the battles seen on these boards, that is a lot higher than most other ship's point defense rating. He therefore does have a defense agains drones and fighters, he just cannot shoot them down other than by destroying their carrier.


As no one actually knows how defensive systems work at reducing damage, I think this is an interesting design as it relies on something that is known. Shields. That Fell Beast of his will absorb an awful lot of damage before it will take any hull integrity damage.

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Those ships he destroyed were made over 10 months ago and nowhere near what I am cranking out now.



10 months isnt all that long a time. That one of the things I love about the game. 10 months

ago you built a ship with what was then, Im assuming, the best that your race could produce.

10 months later and its still not bad. :D Its lacking a few things like armor and maybe a few

sensors or some specific defensive items but it will still aquit itself well unless it gets checkmated

at deployment location 1 by another ship with high damage output weapons like plasma torps

or lances. In that case the shields will avail you not. Not for long anyways. :P

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