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Hello all,


Recently we were contacted by an individual who inquired about the possibility of advertising a new PBeM game on our forums here. We declined that request, for a variety of reasons, so you won't be seeing anything official about it here.


It has been brought to our attention that a direct email advertising campaign for the project is underway however.


There is nothing remarkable about that fact considering that most PBeM games are advertised by email, word of mouth, etc. I would like to take this opportunity though to assure you that no email address being used in this campaign was obtained from Rolling Thunder Games. The purchase or exchange of mailing lists was never proposed by the individual in question and is not something that RTG would have agreed to in any event. Your email address will never be exchanged, sold, etc. by RTG for advertising purposes - it just isn't something we believe in doing.


The mining of email addresses from public gaming forums, from friends and from your own personal email address book is nothing new though so if your email address has appeared anywhere on this board or if you've used it for anything game-related that was not restricted to RTG solely then you may well see an advertising email now and then.


If you are concerned or do not wish to receive any advertising emails from this individual then you should contact him directly. I'm fairly confident that he would, as would we, purge any email address from his advertising list if such was requested.



:) Happy holidays and best wishes to all for the coming new year!! :P



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