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City Fortifications and AA


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If a city is fortified with a legendary fortress, will the defense multiplier of 0.5 be applied to the TAS rating of attacking bombers as well? Or will the defense multiplier only be applied with a CA?


And; do JU-88A's have a special combat modifier? It seems that they hit harder than a bomber with the same ratings.



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nope ju-88's dont have a special modifier.

However there are some other factors that could influence the rating during a mission.


1) the MCR of the aircraft

2) the range from the airbase to the target

3) the DSM of the targets

4) the anti-air rating of the targets

5) the experience of the targets


and possible but not sure...

a random variable, just like there is in ground-to-ground combat.


if all of these factors are the same then 2 airfoces with the same tas rating should do exactly the same damage, regardless of what type they are.



the DSM provided by a fortification, is applied to the DSM of the units in the city, provided they have the right defensive strategy. only a DD strategy takes full advantage of fortifications, HD only for 50% and some defensive strategies dont use fortifications at all.

but if fortifications are used then the DSM is applied against any attack. (CA, CB, TAS)

For example an Infantry division on DD in a legendary city fort, has a DSM of:

1.2 (its normal DSM) * 0,5 (bonus from fort) = 0.6


thus giving it a better DSM than all but the german king tiger from turn 59.


i hope this answers yer questions.

happy gaming,


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If you use fortifications and the army is on deliberate defense, then the are strike is reduced. Just like it would be if they were assaualted on the ground. How much so is still not quite clear when it comes to airstrikes. :P


As far as the two groups of airforces having the same rating, should do the same damage is not correct. :cheers:


It depends on how the airforce attacks its target, and as for the dreaded JU-88, it does have a special bonus. It would be the fact it is considered a dive bomber for attacking. Giving it better accuracy with it bomb load, compared to normal level bombing, by whitley's, tu2's and such. :P


The only real way to reduce the effectiveness is fighter cover or intercepts, and as much flak as possible. The fewer the bombers the less the damage will be. :laugh:


DezertCamel :thumbsup:

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