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To The Kooky Regime and The Black Plague


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To The Kooky Regime,


You have stumbled into Pridelands territory again. I am willing to believe that you didn't do this intentionally. Please leave Azarde. I do have hostile warships in the area and can enforce this if needs be. Please don't let it get to that point.


To The Black Plague,


You, too, have stumbled into Pridelands territory. Leave the Tubal system by the way you came. Also, state your intentions.


If either of you are uncomfortable with a public response, please leave me a private message here on the board.

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To Raja,


Actually, it is you who has stumbled into our territory as we have been here for over 17 cycles. I do not wish any hostilities between our empires but I will not withdraw just because you wish it. Any hostile act against my ships or colonies will be viewed as a hostile act and a prelude to war between our empires. :P


However, I do not wish this and am prepared to discuss a mutual agreement between our empires regarding trade, territorial boundaries and such. Please contact me to discuss further. :D


Lord Pillsbury

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The system we recently encountered one of your fleets is way to close to my homesystem. Based on that, that is why I will continue to press you to leave the system, or at the least not to send in any more ships into it. If I notice you slipping more ships into that system, I will be forced into sending in warships. Please don't let it come to that.

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Why do I get the feeling this system is known as Saucerofcream in the Pridelands so they can dip their cookies before consuming them? :python: <<< Cookie crushing


Of course the Kooky Regime could upend the saucer and make the Kitties unhappy :) .



Just remember Mr. Tinkl Rending Talon, Mr. Pillsbury does not like being poked in the middle. :wub:

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