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For the characters that only offer random effects, ie.., merchants, administrators, scientists etc.. Are the frequency of their contributions affected by the level of character?


For example - If you have a level 6 merchant and a level 2 merchant, does the level 6 merchant do something more frequently than the level 2 merchant? If they do, then this may indicate that the chance for their help goes up as well as how much help they give.



What kind of effect has happened for the various levels 1-7?



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:taz: I think you might get a greater effect from some of your characters if you assigned them out to fleets and used those fleets in some type of activity. Granted much of this is only guess work but it does kinda make some sense as to being what they might be for!
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Hobknob --


For my empire, your premise seems to be true. Level of the Character seems to affect frequency of aid and level of said aid (more aid at higher levels) at least among the production affecting Legendary Character types - Diplomats, Merchants, Religious Leaders and Administrators. :cheers: Since I have had no Scientist breakthroughs to my knowledge, I can't really comment on that. :taz:

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