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nuclear jump drive


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Given the transwarp drive advantage, it doesn't look worth researching further the nuclear jump drive path but I was wondering if they could still have military value: for instance many nuclear jump drive mk xx would allow more ships to cross a warp point simultaneously than a single transwarp drive. Or is the transwarp drive superior in any category? Did somebody follow the nuclear jump drive tech tree after the Mk II and would be kind enough to enlighten me? TIA

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Fusion warp drives and fusion manuver engines are more efficient then their nuclear cousins

but it will take a very long time to reach the level of integrity that the nuke engines give you.


In battle I would rather have ships powered by Nuclear Engines. Ships designed to explore

and not get into the thick of them maelstroms might be better off with them fusions engines.


In the ends its your choice. :)

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I think reasonable beings can disagree about this point. It all depends on whether you want to focus on ruggedness or swiftness. The rumor is that Fusion Engines top out at a higher power rating so while the integrity of the engine is lower in the long run you will be able to maneuver more quickly.

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Of course, there are Engines more advanced than Fusion such as Antimatter and Conversion.


So far the Engine/Jump Drive Tree seems to be:


Mk I Engine A -> Mk II Engine A -> [Mk III Engine A or Mk I Engine B] ... Mk IV Engine A -> Mk V Engine A ... and so on.


Mk I Engine B -> Mk II Engine B -> [Mk III Engine B or Mk I Engine C] ... Mk IV Engine B -> Mk V Engine B ... and so on.



-SK :)

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