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Any word on the next game? 76 I supose.


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Guest General Spongebob Squarepants

Oh no not you again Shorty Patton, your following me around again arnt you. STALKER!!! :blink:


Those factors you mention that cant be predicted - WELL ITS ME..... ;)


The ultimate in unpredictability..... AND REMEMBER B)




Shhhhh - I WIN - Its pre-ordained. :(

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Does anybody know of an animal that eats Sponches...especially square ones with pants on? :alien:


The long eared Galoot, native of Libya, chews em up and spits them out :alien:

If that's any help.


Any chance of game 76 starting soon?

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Shhhhh - I WIN - Its pre-ordained


If you were as good on the battlefield as you are with your mouth you would win every game of victory. Truth is you probably can't beat yourself out of a wet paper bag.


Give us your true identity so we can see what your credentials are......

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