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Victory II - Modern Era

Patriot X

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Hows about an updated playing field, bring it into the 21st century, update the tech packs, re-draw the borders and re-name the countries. Expand the game to cover the whole world and increase the players in a game.


Now that would be a game and a half, try and make it as real world as possible but also keep within the frame work of Victory and playable?


Any thoughts, comments

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I would not be interested, I do not like modern tech for wargames. Takes the stratgey out of the game when all you have to do is use massed firepower to destroy eveything.... :thumbsup:


I enjoy the old tech, requires a lot more planning and luck. :cheers:


Just my 2 cents worth, ($14.85 based on inflation) :ninja:


DezertCamel :thumbsup:

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"Modern Era"

I don't see how you can balance such a game. You have "all seeing satelites, nuclear rockets, unmanned recon planes, uranium bullets.... and all Arabic and North-african countries would have to play "terrorists or bandit state" no? "sigh"

Too close to the actuality, It would be too much politically coloured.

I 'm sure that I want to stick to the WW2 era.

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I remember in the mid 90's (wow, sounds so long ago :) ) RTG had a game called world war IV. I wonder what happend to it????? I didn't get a chance to check it out but it looked rather interesting!!!!!!

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