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What hwppened tot he Ur-Lord


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Fleet Admiral T'Ton, while on an inspection tour of the outer reaches of the Ta-Lonne Hegemony picks up an Ansible message on on obcure oft unused frequencey.



This is First lieutenant Glorinth commanding Bastion-One, As we are going into what may easily be the final battle of our people, I have recorded my recolections of the events that lead up to this attack and listed the names of those that stood by me to the end




XO I know that Fleet HQ ordered Radio Silence for the simulation, but 5 months is a bit much, especially with all that Alien traffic over the Home world. It has been about as long since our sensors reported any of our own fleets over the planet. I am ordering a break in Radio silence and contacting Fleet.


1st Lt Glorinth commanding Bastion 1 calling Fleet HQ

1st Lt Glorinth commanding Bastion 1 calling Fleet HQ

1st Lt Glorinth commanding Bastion 1 calling Fleet HQ



<<<<L.T… I am getting no response on any military channel. It’s like the entire military network has gone down. What do you think is going on??


<<<<< Sgt. I am not sure but I want one volunteer to go out and find out for me. Any Volunteers or do I need to “Volunteer” someone


<<<<< I will go L.T. I have been stationed here at the PDS for over 2 years and want to see my family anyway. Also, my family will know what is going on. My Dad is an officer in the Army and he will have a good understanding of what is going on


<<<<< Very Good Sgt Hanlath. I will expect a full report in no less than 2 weeks


<<<<< Yes L.T. (Salutes) Let me change into my civies and go out


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<10 Days later>>>>>>>>>>


<<<<< L. T. L. T. You will not believe what is going on out there


<<<<< Sgt. Hanlath. REPORT


<<<<< (Breathless) Sorry Lieutenant (long pause)

Lieutenant, The world has changed. My father and the entire army was eliminated, their all dead sir. It seems that while we were under orders for that simulation the planet was invaded by aliens. Aliens are everywhere. There are alien overseers directing the industries, Overseers controlling all the lines of communication. In short sir we were invaded and …………..We Lost…………….As far as I can tell we are the last defenders of our people.


<<<<< (sitting down) So, it’s all over (sigh) I had such plans.



<<<<< Yes sir?


<<<<< I want to talk to everyone here


<<<<< Yes Sir!


<<<<<Attention everyone…..Attention everyone…..This is Lieutenant Glorinth. I have just now come to some very disturbing information. It appears that while we were under orders for a simulation, our Homeworld was invaded and taken over. I know most of you will want to get ahold of your families and such but that will not be possible for some time. With the dissolution of the government there is no military anymore. Therefore In 24 hours we will take offensive action against the alien invaders. Any fleet over the homeworld that does not show up with our own IFF will be destroyed. Any Alien that could beat our armed forces is probably technologically superior; I will not lie to any of you this will almost surely be a suicide mission. In 15 hours I will be sealing up the PDS you have until then to get out of there and go home, anyone that is here after that is stuck here until the end. Glorinth out



X O are you staying or going


<<<<< Sir! Staying sir


<<<<< Glad to have you Master Sergeant. Make sure that those that leave do not take any vehicles; I do not want any chance out impending attack to leak out. 10 hours of walking should get them out of the danger zone. Also send me a list of all those that stay. Somehow I want them remembered


<<<<< Yes Sir, I will get on it. It will be done as you ordered


-----15 hours later the Bastion is sealed up and ready to go-----


<<<<< X O How many stayed


<<<<< Lieutenant, more than 80% of our people stayed. I have to admit I am a little surprised.


<<<<< No me Sergeant, they are good folks and deserved better. Is the Bastion locked up?


<<<<< Yes sir! Just as you ordered


<<<<< Good. Now give everyone a double ration of food, some good coffee and tell them to get some sleep. Make sure everyone everything is ready at 0800 tomorrow. Now we wait


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 0800 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


<<<<< Lieutenant, the posts are manned, the weapons are loaded, the Damage crews are ready. It’s time.


<<<<< Communications, transmit that message I gave you now. All batteries pick your targets and -------Fire






Below this is listed the 823 names of the people that stayed behind. We do fomally request a list on another 823 names of those from the other side that died in battle taking the planet (or better yet those that died in the PDS battle) so that we may build a shrine didcated to all those that have died in battle with their Honor intact.


Witch-King T'Lariss the Great

Lord and ruler of the Ta-Lonne people



(OOC Sorry Mark I know this is not my planet, but I tried to see how this could happen and this the the best thing I could come up with----Gary) B):)

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Brilliant! :)


All is now explained.....


The only sad thing is that the visiting Sergeant was obviously too stunned to make a proper assessment.


The 'overseers' he saw are actually just advisors and mentors and have lifted the populace from their abandoned and uncared for state and they are leading much fuller and more productive lives. Liberation has certainly made many changes.


Nearly a week on and we can smile about it some, but, if only this possibility had been known about, then precautions could have been taken.....


You have all been warned! B)


Chief Existentialist to Ur-Lord Tedric

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