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Imperial Ambassador Alexander stood on the balcony of the former Imperial Palace of the [empire name deleted for security reasons] Empire. This would be his new home for the foreseeable future. The view was beautiful and this new addition to the Sabeli Ecok empire was a very welcoming place. The palace was on a hill over looking the harbor on this world of mostly oceans. To the north are the rain forests he was looking forward to visiting and the jungle was to the south. Hmmm, maybe a hunting exhibition next month. If only he had the time, have to get this world's industry updated and back on line.

Almost forgot, "So Asshurdan, what's the next assignment?"


Alexander almost felt sorry for Field Marshal Asshurdan of the Sabeli Acquistion Company, Asshurdan is a veteran of many campaigns, but has yet to be fired upon. Every time Asshurdan's Acquistion Company has landed on alien soil, there has been no resistance. Of course, the end result is Asshurdan's legendary status back on the homeworld.


"Still have to go talk to a few of [empire name deleted for security reasons]'s former colonies, then I'll just wait and see where the Honored One wants to send me next." said Asshurdan, "you know, I wish just once there would be some resistance. Why does everybody welcome us with open arms all the time?"


Alexander thought of the old saying, "Be careful what you ask for, old friend, you just might get it. Besides, we are a pleasant folk, aren't we?"


"I know, Alexander, I know, I should just be grateful. Anyway, I'll be based here for awhile, at least until Rear Admiral Asshur-nadin-akhezadeh clears those old ships out of orbit, and the ones at the warp points"


"Where is he anyway?" queried Alexander, "He was supposed to join us for dinner."


"Last I heard he was down at the shipyards. Something about slapping together all those weapons, armor and shields we found into one big monster surface fortress. The guy loves to play, but I'm thankful he knows what he's doing."


"Sorry I'm late" said Asshur-nadin-akhezadeh, as he walked onto the balcony, "we found these really cool Mk V [sorry, imperial sensors again] that we're putting into the new surface fortress!"


Alexander just smiled at his enthusiasm and handed him a glass of...., what did the locals call this again, oh well, I'll learn eventually, it is quite good, "Better hurry and secure the warp points, I just received a communique from the head honchos over at StarBars, seems they want to put up some franchises in this sector, go figure"

I think I'm going to enjoy this stay here...

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Thanks. :o



"WHAT!?!?!?!?!" screamed Alexander, to his aide, "What do you mean they won't resettle? The plan is perfect. It maximizes the efficient use of resources, people, industry, and everybody is happy??? Well??"


"ummmm, well, some of the senior representatives of the #####(name deleted for security reasons) said that since they were not originally Sabeli, that they don't have to move." Geez, the aide had never seen the Imperial Ambassador so angry, and he'd been with him for over 20 years. "I've heard it might be a religious thing."


"hmmmm, well, sorry for yelling at you, you better get Bishop Marduk-nadin-akhe on the horn for me then, he prays to Votan and just about every other god there is." Alexander was perplexed at this turn of events.

"Yes sir" and the aide scurried away.


"Ambassador Sir"


"The Bishop is on the communicator"

Alexander always felt a little creepy talking to this guy,but... "Marduk buddy, how's the new cathedral going."

"Just fine" ought to try coming to services once in awhile thought Marduk-nadin-akhe, "what can I help you with?"


"We seem to have this problem..." and Alexander explained in detail the resettlement problem and the reactions of the people.

"Well, I've been doing some research into some ancient text I found in a Cathedral that had been dedicated to an unknown god. According to my findings, I believe that the unknown god was known as Pete the Fixer. The texts seem to relate stories about priests praying to this Pete to fix problems. I'll give it a try and get back to you."


a few days later.....

"Sir" stated the aide to Alexander.


"the people be a moving according to orders sir!"

"Hallelujah!!! " I guess the Bishop knew what he was talking about thought Alexander, maybe I should go to a service or 2 when I get back home. "Nahhh"

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Mind you, do we want to give Pete a complex?


Well, since he could wipe out an entire empire with one keystroke....... ;) (of course it may take several keystrokes, but you get the idea) :jawdrop:

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