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How many colonists before attrition sets in?

What have been your experiences on how many colonists can you land on a world before attrition sets in  

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It depends---


My colonizers can keep about 20 on a gas giant before suffering any attrition bu t my whimpy guys will keep jumping off cliffs well into the single digits.


I have not seen any attrition ever effect a colony of 5 or smaller though.


Of course, I learned long ago that high attrition worlds were not worth much so I haven't tried too much lately.


I can also say that it is pretty frustrating to have moved enough pop and other supplies to build every possible attrition mitigating device that I know about and still have attrition killing off my colonists. and these guys are just about even for the old CB. I would hate to think how bad things would have been with a seriously negative CB.



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Here's another example.


I can colonize an asteroid field with no aids up to 70 pop before suffering attrition.  Once I add some domed cities then it is ideal for me and I never see any attrition.


:oops:  :(  :blink:


Gota love breathing vacuum...


:blink:  :cheers:  :blink:


It sounds like your race is a group of intelligent rocks. :cheers:




That would also be some ground combat modifier!

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