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:cheers: I want my turns, I want my turns.......


:cheers: Well sitting here at work listening to the pouring Rain of the nasty Thunder Storming pounding the roof of this building outside, sitting here watching the clock and minutes slowly tic by at about 3:22 PM on a friday afternoon....hopping that my turns will arrive sometime in the 'Weeee Hours" of the AM so I can ....DROOL...over them :D


So sit back folks, put your feet up and have a mighty cold one.... :angry:


Ok you Brits can have a Room Tempature one if you like :blink: instead :unsure:



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It's a misapprehension that we brits like our beer warm. Most popular drinks these days are fizzing foreign lagers (that are brewed in the UK), and alcohol with fruit juice or fizzy drinks added (Breezers, Reef, Moscow Mule's, Smirnoff Ice, Hooch, or even Alcoholic Iron Brew). Our Beer brands are mostly owned by Interbrew, a european company, so it follows..our domestic beers are owned by foreigners and our import beers are brewed in our own country!


Real ale is hard to find and even harder to find well kept. People no longer go out to savour a pint, they go out to quaff overpriced drinks and pull.


Prices are so high now they have to cut beer prices midweek to get anyone to drink in a pub anytime other than a Friday or Saturday, Also a pint of something decent costs less than a 250 ml bottle of Tart Fuel.


Rant over


Glossary of terms


Iron Brew - Made in scotland, from girders (no one actually knows what it has in it)


Quaff - Like drinking, except your ears get wet


Pull - Score


Tart Fuel - See "alcoholic soft drinks"





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I suppose my mature grown up tipple would have to be Smirnoff Black Label - Sipping Vodka so smooth you can drink it neat.


I would admit to being a purist, as putting a mixer in a single malt or other spirit does tend to destroy the intent of the distiller. Saying that I cannot abide neat whiskey, whisky nor brandy for that matter, I have to add lemonade or whatever to even think about drinking it. The previous statement would certainly have me drummed out of the irish society if they heard it.


Mind you, right now I would kill for a Vodka Martini. Huge glass not stirred

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